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Swedish is an Indo-European language belonging to the North Germanic branch of the Germanic languages. It is currently the largest of the North Germanic languages by numbers of speakers. Swedish is spoken by over ten million people in Sweden and Finland and it is the official language of Sweden. Swedish is also spoken in some parts of Estonia and Ukraine. It is largely mutually intelligible with Norwegian and Danish.
There are a several regional dialects of Swedish that are mutually intelligible. These diffrences are due to mass media impact declining, giving way to Central Swedish which is spoken in the center of Sweden.
Along with the other North Germanic languages, Swedish is a descendant of Old Norse, the common language of the Germanic peoples living in Scandinavia during the Viking Era.


The standard word order is subject-verb-object, though this can often be changed to stress certain words or phrases. There are two genders, two grammatical cases, and a distinction between plural and singular. Adjectives are compared as in English, and are also inflected according to gender, number and definiteness.

The definiteness of nouns is marked primarily through suffixes (endings), complemented with separate definite and indefinite articles.



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