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Polish (jezyk polski) is a western Slavonic language, spoken by approximately 50 million people.
It is the official language of Poland. Apart from that, it is also spoken by significant minorities in Belarus, Lithuania and the Ukraine, as well as several other
countries like Germany and the USA. It is written with the Polish alphabet, which is a modified Latin alphabet with additional consonants. The letters Q,V and X are only used in loan words. There are only about 10 words that commence with the letter H, and the majority of H sounds are spelled CH. The Polish language has a complex grammar and orthography (the study of correct spelling) and is considered to be one of the world's most complicated languages.

Influences from other languages: At different times in the history of the Polish language, certain foreign words, often modified, have been inserted.
The most obvious impact comes from German, for example Kartofle (kartoffel: potato) and Urlop (urlaub: vacation) Another example Latin: Wademecum (Vademecum: follow me) or Italian: Pomidor (tomato) French: Presti (prestige)
English: Sweter (woolen pullover)



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