German self-study language courses for download

German is a Germanic language spoken by about 120 million people. Which makes it Europe's second largest language after Russian. Together with English, German is the most spoken language in the world.
There are many dialects, (the main types of which are divided into High German and lowland German, known as flat German) and has more than most other Germanic languages retained much of the primitive Germanic grammar. For example, to a greater extent case deflection. German is the largest language within
the European Union with more than a 100 million people speaking it. It is also the mother tongue for several million national minorities from within the Union's candidate countries, as well as being the largest individual language in Switzerland. Outside of Europe there are pockets of German speaking minorities in: e.g. The USA and Brazil. For many years Germany has been Sweden's most important trading partner and will probably continue to be so. You, who have chosen to learn German will be much sought after on the labour market.



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