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Finnish is a Finnish-Ugric language.
The best-known Finno-Ugric languages are Hungarian (13.6 million speakers), Finnish (5.2 million) and Estonian (1.1 million). These three are the only Finno-Ugric languages which have the status of national languages.

All other Finno-Ugric languages have their ranges in present Russia.

Several theories exist as to the geographic origin of Finnish and the other Uralic languages, but the most widely held view is that they originated as a Proto-Uralic language somewhere in the boreal forest belt around the Ural Mountains region and/or the bend of the middle Volga.

The dialects of Finnish are divided into two distinct groups, the Western dialects and the Eastern dialects. The dialects are almost entirely mutually intelligible and distinguished from each other by only minor changes in vowels, diphthongs and rhythm.



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