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You´ll learn the new language the same way that you once learned your own native tongue. You can study while you are doing other things, like taking a walk or driving in your car. Anywhere it suits you!


Listen - Hear the phrase first in your native tongue and then twice in your target language

Repeat - Practice at your own pace and learn the pronounciation

Learn - You may begin to use your new language within a few exercises


Choose your language:


Step 1: Select your native tongue in the list.


Step 2: Now choose your target language
(the language you wish to learn)

Step 3: Click on your course!


How do I order and download my course?


Download a language course NOW to your MP3-player, computer, mobile phone...


As an alternative to the conventional CD format, all Univerb courses are available to download directly from this website. The course files are in standard MP3-format and the course books come as PDF-files. Our downloads are fast and efficient making this a convenient way to buy your course.




Only 20 Euro - no additional charge!

Listen to greetings
in 15 different languages